5 Things to Remember After You Graduate College

You did it! You’re graduating from college. Congratulations! You’re going to hear a lot of adults saying, “Welcome to the real world, kiddo.” The truth is, the real world is a different beast to everyone who enters it. Keep these five things in mind when you are fresh out of college and you’ll be just fine in the “real world” – whatever that ends up meaning to you!

Everyone is on a different page

It will be hard, but don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone will be job hunting and networking, but not always in the same ways or at the same pace. There is no one right way to secure a job or develop skills post graduation. Do your own thing!

Nothing happens over night

It might take a long time to find a job these days, and chances are that fresh out of school you are not going to land your dream job and be set for life. It will take time. Always keep moving forward and enjoy that journey!

Use technology for good – not bad!

Technology can be your best friend or worst enemy post graduation. Use it wisely!

Keeping in touch – Facebook and Skype or iChat are awesome tools for staying in touch with college friends, especially since jobs may send friends to different cities. It’s worth it to use these to maintain great friendships and connections! Find the time to share your post graduate experiences with these people – you’ll find comfort in the fact that you’re all going through the same emotions.

Cleaning up your online act – Facebook can be a detrimental tool when you search for a job whether you like it or not. Go through your photos, past posts, tags, and comments online to see if there is anything a potential employer would not like. It will do nothing but improve the odds that you will be hired.

Let stress fuel you

You’ll feel pressure and stress to find a job and start succeeding right away! Remember, nothing happens overnight. Use this stress to fuel your drive and ambition, instead of letting it get you down. It can be empowering!

Trust yourself

You just graduated with tons of skills. If you ever feel lost, focus on what you CAN do and what you’ve LEARNED. Know that you can always, and will have to, learn new skills in the real world when it’s asked of you. Trust yourself and best of luck!

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