5 Benefits to a Post-Graduate Internship

As a college graduate, you may think you’re over internships. You may hold the belief that you’ve earned your degree, and now you deserve to be paid for your work. You’re absolutely right! However, there are situations in which a post-graduate internship could work to your advantage! Here are five benefits to obtaining an internship, even after you’ve paid your academic dues and hold the piece of paper to prove it!

It Pays In Experience: There are some jobs you cannot obtain until you’ve had on-the-job experience. Teachers are required to student teach or sub before having the right to their own classroom. Some publishing companies require time be spent at workshops, conferences, and classes to become eligible for hire. Any experience you have in your field will make you a more attractive person in the job market.

It Beats Retail: Many college graduates find themselves unhappy in sales and food service jobs while they hold their degrees in other interests, simply because they needed a job out of college, and this is where they got hired. By taking on an internship while working part time, college graduates can make money while continuing to do what they love.

It Can Open Doors: As a post-grad intern, you may already have the qualifications and experience for positions at that company. Since most companies today tend to hire in-house or through networking, you’re increasing your chances of earning a permanent position. Your employers are also likely to know other employers in the field, and may be able to point you in the direction of an opening. At very least you could get an on-the-job letter of recommendation.

It Beats Unemployment: If you’re having a stroke of bad luck when it comes to the job market, spend a few weeks interning instead of in your pajamas searching job boards. It’s impressive to say you spent your time unemployed working for free, and using your skills consistantly will keep them sharp! Lastly, after weeks of applying for jobs, you may not be turning in your best work to potential employers. An internship will give you a break to rejuvenate your motivation! You’ll also have something else to add to your resume!

It’s A Chance to Meet Colleagues: You probably know lots of other people who are in the same field as you, because you’ve spent four years in classes with them. But meeting people in your field who haven’t gone to your college, or are a few years older than you, may be highly beneficial. Spend a few minutes digging their brains over coffee or lunch every now and then. They may not know where you can find a job, but they may have knowledge and experience in areas you don’t, and would be willing to share a few things. It also doesn’t hurt to have a few people in your pocket you can count on should you need their help or advice later.

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