4 Ways to Earn Extra Money as a College Grad

As a fresh college graduate, you’re probably pressed for pennies. With the economy as it is, many students leave school without a job to jump into, and with student loans looming in the distance. While moving back home after graduation can greatly assist with this burden, some students don’t have that option, making their financial situations even more stressful. If you’re in need for cash as you wait eagerly by  your cell phone for a job offer, or if you need some extra money to afford your apartment, student loans, and groceries, check out these four ways college graduates can add a little more green to their wallets.

Sell Your Stuff:

Upon leaving for college, you may have looked around your bedroom fondly, thinking to yourself how much you would miss everything there, and how important it all was to you. Now that its been four years or more, you may not have quite the same tastes. Perhaps the video games you once loved are now overplayed and collecting dust. Maybe your bedroom set is looking a bit childish. Perhaps you have a bigger and better TV now and don’t need the little one sitting on your dresser. You might want to check out all the college textbooks you saved and determine whether they’re still relevant to your career. Go through your belongings and sell what you no longer use or want.

Take on Tutoring:

If you’ve got a few extra hours a week, and you’re trying to figure out what to do with that math degree, consider offering tutoring services to your local middle schools and high schools. To a college graduate like you, their homework and tests will be a cinch, and you can explain to them when they’ll “need this in real life.”


For those trying to find something in the photography, video, art, writing, graphic design, and other creative arts areas, you may want to consider freelancing. As a freelancer, you’ll work on and get paid for individual projects people or businesses need. You can be hired this way through friends and family, or through freelancing web sites such as Elance, Guru, iFreelance, and Freelancer. By freelancing, you can work around other jobs, and as often or as little as you like.

Part-Time It:

While you may feel like you earned your degree so you don’t have to work a check-out line, a part time job where you’re only required to work a few hours a week could give you that financial boost you really need. Working eight hours a week at minimum wage is an extra $200 a month! That could be your car payment! In addition, many college grads with professional office jobs find their second part-time job at the coffee shop or grocery store to be a nice break from the high stress and high standards environment of their full time job. Suddenly, wearing a uniform and chatting with your coworkers during the slow hours is kind of refreshing!

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