3 Tips on Relocating for a New Job

You’ve accepted the job offer! Two weeks from today is your first day of your first job. Only, it’s four hundred miles away from where you live! Or maybe you don’t have a job offer yet, but you know your current town isn’t where you’re going to get one. Perhaps all of your college friends are from New York City, and growing up in a small town, you’re dying to get out there! But how do you go from Point A to Point B? Check out these tips on how to relocate for a new job!


Moving isn’t cheap. There are security deposits, pet deposits, realtor fees, administration fees, and often several month’s worth of rent before you can sign a lease. There’s the cost of the moving truck you will not only have to gas up, but you’ll also have to pay for every mile you drive it. There’s the cost of food on your drive down, and rest stop coffee doesn’t come cheap. Then there’s the unknowable expenses: the window air conditioner because you’re apartment has desert temperatures; the split box spring because yours didn’t fit up the stairs; the new coffee maker, because you’ve unpacked everything, and you can’t find it anywhere. Moving will set you back. Try to save up as much as you can before you make the big move to a new place.

Find a Temporary Living  Space

You may want to consider making your first home in your new state temporary. Instead of committing yourself to a one-year lease before you’ve even started your job, think about staying with some friends or a relative for a month or two. You’re new to the area. You don’t know which communities are the safest or which apartment complexes will give you the most bang for your buck. You may be dealing with a completely different climate and are unsure if you’ll be able to handle it. You may start your first job and realize it’s not what you thought it was. You may get your first paycheck and be surprised at how much in taxes was taken out of it. You can save money and make better long-term decisions for yourself if you’re lucky enough to find a way to get your feet wet before diving in.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Moving to a state in which you know no one can be one of two things: It can be a wonderful opportunity in which you make new friends, check out all the tourist sites, experience new restaurants, and take in the new culture; or it can be a depressing experience in which you mostly keep to yourself, stay in on the weekends, and live for the trips back to your hometown. Make the most of your relocation. The easiest way to start is with your coworkers! Work will be the most likely place for you to find friends when moving to a new state. They’ll be able to tell you which movie theater is the best, where you can get the cheapest groceries, and what to do on a Friday night.

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