3 Not-So-Smart Job Behaviors for the College Graduate

You’ve landed your first real job! You have to dress up to go to work! You have your own desk! You have business cards with your name on it! There’s even a water cooler in the conference room! There’s a conference room!

Beginning your career can be incredibly exciting. You’re finally getting paid for your knowledge. But since this is your first real job in the adult world, check out these tips on what not to do in the office so you can ensure your experience in your entry-level position ends with you moving up and not out!

Defiling Work with Social Media

You may be dying to update your Facebook status with the latest quote the incompetent intern said. You may want to tweet about how disgusted you are with your boss for not letting you have off the days you requested. You may not like your job at all and want to rant about how the entire company is taking a nose dive. While you may be eager to share all of this information with your group of friends over drinks after work, this material is best left offline. Why is that necessary, with all of the privacy settings available? You know you’ve used someone else’s account to view a Facebook profile you couldn’t see. You know you’ve heard about the things your ex posts on their Facebook, even though they de-friended you months ago. Don’t expect your bosses to be any different.

Staying Silent

You got this job because someone values something about you. You’ve got what it takes to rule this position. You won! You were the best candidate! Just because you’re the youngest one there and the low guy on the totem pole doesn’t mean your ideas and opinions aren’t valued. If a discussion is opened during a meeting, speak up. If you have a way the company could make some extra money, let your voice be heard! When the boss knows who you are and what you’re capable of, you’re more likely to stick around and move on up!

Having a “Temporary” Attitude

Sometimes your first job isn’t what you want it to be, but you’ll take it until you find something better. Sometimes your first job is only a six-month or one-year contract, so you suspect you’ll be out job searching again in no time. Don’t let your attitude reflect a temporary situation. When you act like your job is temporary, your work isn’t as good, you don’t put forth as much effort, and you’re less likely to invest the time in getting to know your coworkers or making an impression on the boss. The truth is, what you thought was a lame job until you found a better one may end up being where you stay. Your six-month contract could end up being a permanent position. Don’t close doors on what could be hidden opportunities!

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