3 Issues College Grads Face When Adjusting to the “Real World”

The months following your college graduation can be joyous for some; but for many, it’s a confusing, troubling, sometimes depressing transition that isn’t discussed enough. Many new grads find themselves back at home with no job and their closest friends now on other ends of the state, after spending four years in classes doing what they love, living independent lives, with all of their friends in the same apartment! It’s no wonder the transition can be a rough one! If you’re not enjoying your life as a degree-holding citizen just yet, read on to the three issues you may be facing, and how to deal with them!

Loss of Importance:

By the time you’re a junior and senior in college, you’re on top of the world! You’ve got friends all over campus, you’re excelling in your major, you’ve got a routine, you’re living an independent life, and you’re pretty set on who you are as a person. Going from on top of the world to your parents’ house, or even your own apartment, can feel like a bit of a shock. You might not have friends anymore back in your hometown. You might not have a job to show off your skills. The number of people you see on a daily basis is significantly less, and they don’t all know who you are. It’s normal to suddenly feel like a tiny speck.

How to Deal:

It’s important to understand this feeling is only temporary as you transition into the real world. Once you’ve reconnected with friends or made new ones, have a job you can do well in, and a routine, you’ll start to feel that importance again.

Lack of Job:

It can be incredibly frustrating to know how good you are at what you do, but be unable to get someone to hire you to do it. It can be annoying when the kid who sat behind you who always asked you for help and failed every other test, has a great job and makes great money. You’ll ask yourself, how does this make sense?!

How to Deal:

While finding a job can be difficult, it’s important that you don’t lose faith, and that you don’t compare yourself to how other people are doing. Maybe that annoying kid won’t last ten minutes in that job. Maybe it’s his father’s company. Regardless of how he landed himself there, you can do it too. Not having a job is only temporary.

Not Making What You Thought:

Sometimes college professors will encourage their students by telling them how much money they’ll be making when they graduate. Unfortunately, professors don’t always have the latest information on entry-level jobs, leaving college grads disappointed with the salaries they are offered at job interviews. This can be disappointing for a lot of students, and may even cause some to regret choosing their field of study.

How to Deal:

Remember that your entry-level position isn’t where you’ll be staying the rest of your life. Despite what you might have been told, most college grads in their early twenties don’t make very much, regardless of their field of study. As you become more experienced, you’ll earn a better income.

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