When Your High School Posse Parts Ways

You may have only gotten to know them this past year when you all started working at the local fast food joint, or perhaps you’ve all known each other since birth. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and they come with lists of inside jokes and rich histories: The story on how you first met, the worst fights, the funniest moments, and the best nights. Whether you’re a group of close girls like Desperate Housewives, a couple of fun buddies like Entourage, or a whole group of guys and girls with the same interest like Glee,  you’ve come to realize you don’t all have the same plans after graduation. You may be going to different colleges. Some may go to college while others join the armed forces. Some may choose not to attend college at all. Others might be a little younger than the rest and still have the rest of high school to finish.After seeing one another on a daily basis, possibly for the last fifteen years, the thought of parting ways to continue your journeys individually can be a bit rough to deal with.

The following is a list of ways you can ensure that your friendships continue to last throughout your transition into a high school graduate.

Respect Values

If you’ve spent all of high school imaging what it would be like to dorm with your best friend at college, only to discover your best friend wants to go to a different college, or not go to college at all, you may be feeling a bit disappointed, a little scared, and perhaps even angry. Do your best to respect the values of your friends. While your plan might be the best thing for you and your future at this time, it may not be the best thing for your friends. Respect their decisions.

Expect Some Change

The relationships you have with other individuals are changing every minute, whether you realize it or not. With every disagreement, every social event, and every meaningful conversation, your friendships become a little bit different. Your friendships will continue to change after you’ve graduated high school, possibly in bigger ways than you’re used to. For example, you and your friends will make additional friends. Your friends may not mention tiny pieces of information on their weekly phone calls that they would have mentioned when they saw you on a daily basis. Most of these changes will be harmless, but will take some getting used to. If you understand your friendships are likely to change a little bit, you’re more likely to be okay with the changes as you realize them.

Design A Ritual

Define a day, an event, or a ritual that binds you together, whether that be celebrating a made-up holiday, going to the carnival together every summer, sending newsletters to one another, or getting together at a local restaurant every college break. Find something you’ll all continue to do on a regular basis that will enforce the closeness of your friendships.

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