Things To Do After Choosing Your College

After months of applications and hard work, you’ve finally been accepted and chosen the college you will attend in the fall! Congratulations!

Now what?

Now you check off a few more key decisions that will affect your life at school. You do a little research. Then, you get ready for a great ride.

Choose Dorms and Meal Plans

One of the first things you will do as a brand new freshman is decide on a meal plan. Depending on your university, you may also get to pick your dormitory. Take a look at a campus map and consider where each dorm is located in comparison to classes you know you’ll need to take freshman year. If you don’t have any idea about classes, then just choose the dorm with the amenities that best suit your needs.

Tip: Even if you have friends going to the same school as you, I strongly recommend “going in blind”. This means rooming with someone you don’t know. It will be a great way to meet new people.

Find Current Students

If you’re studying in a conservatory program or concentrated department, try finding students on Facebook who have listed this area of study as well. Maybe a friend has an older sibling who has attended your school. Connect with these people to see if they have any tips for freshman!

Find Other New Students

Do you know anyone else who will be a freshman at your university with you? Talk to them to see if they know any inside information on dorms or campus life. It never hurts to have a friend going into a brand new phase of life, so keep in touch with this person when you get to school!

Apply for Scholarships

As I’m sure you know, college is not cheap. Luckily, there are tons of available scholarships out there waiting for you to apply. Cappex is an awesome source for discovering scholarships and finding fun ways to pay for school.

Summer Reading

Often, colleges will recommend summer reading for students based on areas of study or major. If you know your major, look for this list to be sent to you in the mail. Check the university website for suggestions. If you don’t know your major yet or your school doesn’t offer summer reading suggestions, read something for fun to get your brain working before school starts in September!

For information on scholarships, college life and more, visit Cappex today!

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