Spring To Do List for High School Seniors!

As a high school senior, this time of year is hectic to be sure! You’re hearing back from schools, attending graduation parties, and thinking about the crazy summer ahead before college starts. To make your life a tiny bit easier, here is a Spring To Do List! You can thank me later.

Thank You Cards

Write cards or emails to all the people who made your college applications happen. This includes teachers who wrote you recommendation letters, advisors or mentors who helped you choose schools, and any family or friends who helped set up your graduation event. Short and simple will go a long way and show your gratitude.

Organize Your Stuff

You’ve probably got papers and books and piles of stuff that have built up in your room over the years. Get organized now! It will make packing for school later this summer so much easier. When you know what you have and know what you need you won’t feel frazzled.


Treat yourself to something special to celebrate the end of high school, completion of applications and the start of your next life chapter! Throw a party with a few close friends or a potluck with tons of people. Get a pedicure. Take banjo lessons. Whatever it is, do it for you and enjoy it.

Apply for Scholarships

There are plenty of ways to fund your schooling and you can start now! Be proactive and find great scholarships on Cappex that fit your financial needs and interests. Scholarships exist for all kinds of students; find the scholarship that is right for you and gear up to fund your education!

Enjoy Living at Home

When you live in dorms or on campus, you won’t have access to all the perks (and disadvantages) of living at home. It will definitely be nice to have your independence, but enjoy being around family while you can. Dining hall meals might get old fast, so enjoy home cooking and great groceries.

Don’t Freak Out!

Seriously – don’t freak out! All the changes going on in your life can get overwhelming. When you get frustrated or scared, just remember that everyone your age is going through the same thing. Even those students that boast about how ready and excited they are – they’ve got the same insecurities because none of you have been to college before. You can do it! It’s a terrific and awesome journey. Keep a positive spin on all that’s going on and don’t freak out!

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