Seniors should plan for time and financial investment of college education

High school seniors who are considering attending a university to earn a degree and improve their employment prospects can use a college search engine to find a suitable program. In addition to performing college searches to obtain more information about potential degree programs and scholarships, students should also be mindful of the time and financial investment that a college education represents.

Many students planning on attending colleges that offer four-year degree programs may want to discuss their plans with their parents. In today's economic climate, a college degree can be vital in securing employment, but many students do not truly assess how long it takes to successfully graduate, and how much it can cost to earn their degree.

"The reality is, fewer and fewer people can do it in four years," Keith Pickus, interim provost at Wichita State University, told The Wichita Eagle. "It's atypical to finish in four [years]."

Students should discuss their plans with their teachers and parents, and use a college search engine to learn as much about the degree program that interests them as possible to ensure it is a suitable match, both time-wise and financially.

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