In this Thursday feature, we will suggest a topic or question and ask you to submit a short essay, say, about 200-400 words about that subject that provides thoughtful advice to your classmates based on your experience.

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Today’s topic:

Choosing a college for the right or wrong reasons.

Are there right or wrong reasons to choose one college over another? Is it a bad  or good idea to go to a school because your friends are going? What should go into making the “right” choice when it comes to the final college decision. What are ways to help you decide?

We’re excited to hear what you have to say!

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  1. Disha Patel says:

    There are ways to determine whether a college is a good fit for you. First, go and see how it’s like living in the dorms, and visit the campus to see whether it’s a good choice for you. Also check out the campus tours, to ensure that this is the number 1 choice for you. Attend college fairs to investigate the different colleges, and even ask one of your teachers to give you more info about it, or even ask a college representative to tell you more. Explore the different options that are available before coming to conclusions. Don’t worry too much about the tuition, as this is a big bias and influence for many students. For now, just focus on your major and determine which college is a best fit for you.

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