Life Skills You Learn From Student Council (Without Even Knowing It)

student_meeting1Government provides the structure and stability necessary for society to function, and serving on the student council helps develop the skills of future generations of leaders. While it is common for students to only see it as an opportunity to help facilitate activities and events, there are many more life skills that can be learned during the term of the experience.

The Power of Persuasion

In today’s highly competitive world, never before has the power of persuasion been more relevant. Serving in the student council opens up a number of opportunities to hone these skills, and it gives you the ability to practice swaying public opinion on a daily basis. Persuasion skills prove to be beneficial later in life, whether you go on to serve further in politics or become a business manager, the ability to convince others to accept your ideas is a skill that can open a variety of windows of unique opportunity. The chance to develop these skills as early as high school gives you an advantage most do not receive.

Great Chance to Hone Public Speaking Skills

In order to serve on the student council, it is necessary to be able to speak in front of a large crowd. From the beginning, you’ll have to campaign and deliver speeches intended to persuade the crowd that you are the best person to represent the student body, and these skills carry over into life after high school.

Time Management

Time management is highly important in the busy world we live in, and the sooner one understands this, the better. As a student council member, not only will you have the duties of your office to be concerned with, but you must also maintain good grades and continue to be an example for your peers. This can give you a great opportunity to hone your time management skills and prepare you for life after high school.

Self-Esteem Building

The power of self-esteem often makes the difference between success and failure. It is hard to get others to believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. Serving on the student council is a great way to build positive self-esteem as you get the unique chance to convince others you are a good representative and then watch as your ideas and opinions manifest into changes in the school that benefit the entire student body.

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