Is it worth it to take AP classes?

At a variety of high schools around the country, you have the option of taking a wide range of Advanced Placement, or AP classes during your junior and senior years. As the name suggests, these courses are generally harder and more rigorous than your average high school class. However, in the long run, it may be worth it to take a few AP courses.

If you decide to take AP classes, you may be able to earn college credit for your time, depending on the scores you receive on your AP exams. By doing so, it is even possible for you to earn a full semester or year's worth of college credits.

Still, each college and university is different when it comes to whether or not they will allow you to convert AP classes into college credit, and what scores you need to receive on your exams if this practice is allowed. Therefore, you may want to call your prospective schools' admissions offices or search their websites for this information during a college search.

Ultimately, as most schools will let you receive at least some credits for your AP classes, it is frequently worth participating in these courses if you can handle the workload. A little extra work now might just mean a lot less time spent in college general education classes.  


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