I Applied To My Colleges…Now What?

For most college-bound seniors, mid-January is the chill zone. Not because it’s cold–well at least where I am it is–but because students tend to get super chill after they get their college applications sent off. Brows relax from a constant furrow, posture loosens up, and, maybe, just maybe, some smiles begin to break through the the icy surface that was the seemingly endless college application process.

But students shouldn’t get too comfortable. In fact, here are three big things that students who’ve applied to college need to keep in mind for the rest of the school year.

1. Grades

Believe it or not, just because a school accepts you, doesn’t mean they can’t take their acceptance letter right back if you’re grades go down significantly. Colleges, especially when offering scholarships, can request updated transcripts whenever they feel like it. Your acceptance can be contingent on you maintaining a certain GPA. So keep up the good work. Don’t give up on school because you’ve been accepted to a college already. It can easily be taken away.

2.  Financial Aid & Scholarships

You need to be as assertive and smart about tracking down the necessary financial aid and scholarships to pay for college as you were while you were applying to colleges. The organization, research, and writing skills you used to apply to college are the same ones you’ll need to continue going back to when it comes to planning out how you will pay for your college education. If you get lackadaisical about this process, you might find yourself in a tight bind.

3. AP Exams

For those of you in AP classes, take the AP exams seriously. Even if you’ve gotten into your #1 choice and you have a serious case of senioritis, taking your AP exams seriously is the best way to go. By scoring between 3 and 5, you can save yourself a lot of money and time in college. For instance, if you were to score well on your AP Calc exam, you may pass out of a prerequisite that you would have had take otherwise to complete your major. Now you can get ahead instead of repeating a class you already took in high school.

Can you think of something else to add to the list? Leave a comment below!

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