How to Fight Senioritis

SenioritisSenioritis – there’s no doubt that every high school senior knows the feeling. With classes winding down and the start of college quickly approaching, you might be experiencing a decreased sense of motivation. Overcoming it involves the right balance of studying and fun. Bring your attention to a few of the following cures for some of the most common senioritis symptoms:

Lack of Motivation

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that once you apply to college, you’re free to slack off for the rest of the year. Even after college acceptance letters arrive, it’s required for most students to send final transcripts at the end of the school year. Admissions decisions can be revoked if your GPA takes a significant dip. Keep going to classes and remain focused!

Study Slump

With all the end of the school year excitement, studying sounds like the least appealing item on your list of to dos, but it will only become more intimidating the longer you procrastinate. Set a certain amount of time to study each day and stick with it. Keep your head clear by taking short breaks; go for a walk, have a quick snack, or exercise. Partnering up with a classmate for study sessions may also help. You can keep each other motivated by quizzing each other, creating flashcards, or comparing notes.

Party Plans

You’ve had a long four years, and now it’s time to celebrate! With prom and graduation parties, dresses, dates, and dancing on your mind, don’t forget that you actually have to be on track to graduate to fully enjoy these festivities. Create a schedule so you don’t lose track of major assignments that are due. By getting work out the way first, you will have more free time.

College Over/Under Excitement

It’s common to feel one or both of two extremes before you start college: (1) You’re more than ready to move on and already have your bags packed for new adventures, or (2) you’re feeling nostalgic and will miss high school friends and memories. Look forward to all the new possibilities of college while making the most out everything before it starts by spending time with friends and family. If you’re worried about losing touch, schedule time between breaks to hangout.

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