How High School Seniors Can Hit the Ground Running This Fall

How High School Seniors Can Hit the Ground Running


Being a senior is a pretty big deal. You’re the oldest, the smartest, and before you know it, you’ll be emptying your locker and kissing the school buses and bells goodbye forever! Sure, you could sleep through your classes and skip days. You could take that early dismissal every chance you get. You could blow off your assignments and call it “senior-itis.” But is that really how you want to spend your last year?

This is your last chance to score the lead in the musicals, to make captain of your swim team, and to break personal records. This is your last opportunity to get to know your classmates before you all part ways and only see one another through the lens of a Facebook page. The time to make a difference is now. Here’s how you can hit the ground running this fall!

“It Ain’t Over till the Fat Lady Sings.”

It’s hard to care about high school academics when you’re so close to the end. It gets even harder when you have an acceptance letter in your hand, and your exciting future is quickly beginning to sketch itself right before your eyes! Hard as it may be, it’s crucial that you maintain your motivation and continue to work hard! The truth is, until you have that diploma in your hand, it isn’t over. There will be plenty of time to celebrate (like all summer) when you really have finished your journey! Don’t start the party too soon, as there can still be consequences.

Seize the Year

Since you’re here another year, you may as well make the very most of it. Even if you’re dying to get out, and you think you will never want to see these people or go through this experience again, there will be times you look back on it fondly. Don’t give yourself the chance to wonder if you missed out on an opportunity. Try out for cheerleading if you always wanted to. Go to homecoming, whether you have a date or not. Take an art class, just for the heck of it! Ask that guy or girl out! What do you really have to lose at this point?

Don’t Take Your Reputation Too Seriously

A year from now, you will be somewhere new, with a different life, and new friends to add to your old ones. Most of the people you see on a daily basis, you probably won’t see much, or ever again for that matter. Don’t waste your energy trying to impress the girls in the front row who made it clear back in elementary school that they don’t want to be your friend. Don’t spend the year trying to correct a rumor you once heard about yourself. You’ve got one year left, and it’s not worth it! Focus your energy on what you are going to do, and what you’re going to become! It’s your future that matters now.

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