Family and the College Decision

Throughout your college application process, utilizing your family can be a great way to ensure that you apply to, and pick, the perfect school. Family members know you very well, may have insightful thoughts on which schools you should consider, and can be great company on college campus tours. Although you may be ready to conquer the world on your own, listening to your family and working together will help the process run very smoothly. They’ve been in your shoes, and they know what to expect!

To Stay In State, or Not To Stay In State

You have a big decision to make here. When you start your selection process, consider the following: Do you want to be within driving distance from your family? Do you want to go far away? Is distance from home important to you? Or does it not matter how far it is, if it’s the right school? While some students find comfort in having family close by, others may see going to college as an opportunity to venture out fully on their own. Understanding what proximity you want to your family can help narrow down the list of which schools are the best options for you.

For students who live in states with good public universities, applying only to these colleges may seem like a smart option to parents who are helping pay tuition. Though it narrows down the range of your decision, talking through this idea with your family can ensure that you understand their point of view and the reasons they think it is a viable option for you both financially and academically. Parents may like the idea that you can get a great education at a lower cost, and this is something to consider when making your college decision.

Lets Hear It For The Alma Mater!

Did your parents meet in college? Is your sister always raving about how much she loves her school? Were you raised as a diehard college football fan? These schools are a great option for you, too!

College pride can run deep within families, and you may be encouraged to apply to the alma maters of your parents and siblings. These schools may seem desirable to you because of the great stories you’ve heard about them over the years. If they fit the criteria of what you want out of your college experience (research the different majors, student life, and campus culture when making this decision), it’s a great way to start a new family tradition. Many schools like the idea of creating a legacy within families, and having family members who are alumni will be noted on your application. Sharing college spirit with your family can keep you connected after you’ve moved away from home and give you something you can enjoy together. You’ll love walking around campus with your mom as she tells you all about her college experience thirty years ago, and she’ll love watching you have as great of a time as she did.

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