Do You Need a Wake-Call Before you Head to College?

sleepyheadSeriously though, do you have trouble waking up?

So many college students sleep through their classes after pulling all nighters on assignments and papers.  Perhaps a phone call from their dean would help them get up for class?

Well, one high school is preemptively attacking this college problem. At one Massachusetts high school, chronic over-sleepers receive a robo-call from their principal telling them to wake up and get to school.   In recent years, the robo-call has mostly been used to notify families with students if school is cancelled or not due to weather.

Now, forward-thinking high schools are using this technology to boost their attendance rates and get kids in school learning, and hopefully, applying for college eventually.

Would you want an automated wake-up call to get you out of bed and in class on time?

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  1. Chelsea says:

    I would hate getting a phone call from my school, though I am sure that for some students it would be a big help. Not only do I turn my phone off at night, hearing the principal’s voice first thing in the morning would be a little creepy…I’ll stick to my MP3 player, thanks.

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