Are advanced placement classes for you?

In your senior year of high school, you may be offered the opportunity to take an advanced placement (AP) class. What are they, and are they right for you?

AP classes are college-level classes taught across 34 subject areas, including art history, calculus, English language and literature, Japanese, Italian and Chinese language and culture. These classes may enable you to earn college credit ahead of time, and might look good on your college application.

One of the best things about AP classes is that they allow you to learn about subjects you wouldn't normally get to study. This can allow you to discover new subjects that interest you and that you might want to take in college. AP classes are also more advanced than high school classes, providing you with an academically challenging course that can make the transition to college classes a little easier.

With so many students applying to college, things like AP classes can set you apart from the crowd of applications that college admissions officials will receive. The additional course credits may help you graduate earlier, too. Some colleges even allow students with AP credits to participate in study abroad programs, especially in language subjects, where foreign travel can be particularly useful to your studies. 


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