7 Fun Activities to Do With Your Friends Before Parting for College

It’s the summer before everyone leaves to go their separate ways. Your schedule is likely jam packed with work, vacations, high school graduation parties, college orientation, and trips to Walmart and Target as you collect your college dorm necessities. This is the summer you want to see your friends before everyone goes down their own road, and you’re busy, busy, busy! The following is a list of activities to do with your friends this summer that will help maximize the fun during a short period of time.

Recollect the Good Ol’ Days

Many groups of friends could easily spend hours telling and retelling the stories of the times they’ve spent together. While some prefer to sit around the pool or a restaurant table discussing these tales, others might find it more fulfilling to document them by creating a scrap book, writing them down as stories, or recording them as audible files, so they can be shared months and years later. Recollecting and documenting your experiences together allows for everyone to feel like who they are, what they did, and how they relate to one another, matters.

Spend A Day Outdoors

 Take advantage of the summer sun by planning a day you’ll spend outdoors. This may mean sitting around a bonfire, having a picnic, going on a hike, heading for the beach, hitting up an amusement park, or camping. Fresh air and sunshine tends to put everyone in a pleasant mood!

Throw A Party

 While you and your group of friends are probably attending many parties this summer for everyone’s graduation, those parties often involve lots of relatives and people you haven’t met. By having a get together with just your friends, you’re having fun exclusively with your best pals.

Play A Game Together

 This could mean board games, trivia games, card games, video games, outdoor games, or a sports game. Acting as a team with your friends will reaffirm the bond you share with one another.

Share A Meal Together

 By grilling on the deck, preparing a three-course meal, organizing a potluck, or by making reservations somewhere nice, you and your friends are creating a family-like atmosphere where you can enjoy relating to one another as young adults as opposed to the high school and middle school kids you once were.

Work On a Project

 Find something everyone can work on together with their own individual talents. You could restore a car, knit a quilt, start a garden, build something for your dorm rooms, paint a mural, adopt a highway, plant trees, write a book, or remodel a room. Doing something cool together will remind everyone that they are capable of great things, even in high school.

Find A Symbol

 Just like husbands and wives might take comfort in their wedding rings, some groups of friends may feel more comfortable through this transition if something concrete and greater than them serves to represent their friendship. You could do something sweet and sentimental such as naming a star, or getting matching jewelry, or you could go the goofy route and keep everyone’s spirits up by symbolizing your friendship with a hideous figurine, or other ridiculous artifact.

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