5 Ways to De-Stress After Applying to College

You read the books. You visited the campuses. You wrote a million versions of your essays. You sent in all your applications. YOU’RE DONE!

And now you’re waiting. And waiting. And… waiting.

Waiting to hear back about your college applications can be the most stressful thing in the world.  It is an understatement to say that you have given a lot of your time and energy to something very huge.  Now that it is out of your hands, it’s easy to fret about it all day, every day. Put a positive spin on this – it is out of your hands! You’ve done all that you can do and now you can move on to other fun activities to take your mind off of college for a while. Do some activities you probably have not allowed yourself since you began your big search. Things like:

1. Having a movie marathon. In the afternoon. You know, Saturday afternoon? The time you used to spend editing your essays and researching which schools have the best business programs? Use that time for a movie marathon of those Oscar nominations you never saw because you were too busy APPLYING TO COLLEGE.

2. Reading for fun. No, not reading for research. Read that book you saw on a best-seller list or that your friend recommended. The one you never had a chance to pick up because you were too focused on reading your ACT Prep booklet. Read for fun and enjoy NOT writing a reflection about it afterwards.

3. Writing for fun. Or write a reflection and don’t turn it in. Write for yourself. Journal your experiences or use a creative part of your imagination to write something goofy and weird. Turn it in to no one!

4. Celebrating your friends. Some of them may hear back from their schools before you do. Do not let this get you down. I repeat: DO NOT LET THIS GET YOU DOWN. Be happy for friends who get into their first choice schools and supportive of those who don’t. Go out to celebrate with friends who have finished their application process, too.

5. Working for some extra cash. With college right around the corner, you’ll want some extra money for either tuition or recreation. Or books. Or food. Or everything. Find a reasonable, laid-back job that will let you earn some extra money without wearing you out. It will keep you busy and help you at the same time!

Whatever you do, treat yourself in some way. Even if it’s just an ice cream. You did it! Congratulations.

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  1. Robyn Stoner says:

    I think that all seniors should not have to stress over anything during the summer before they leave for college. These are some great Tips, Because most students forget things during the summer and will go to college clueless. Getting ahead is another great suggestion. Get more eduacted on your major and you shall do fine.

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