5 Ways to Avoid High School Senioritis

5 Ways to Avoid High School Senioritis

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Beginning your senior year of high school is a whirlwind of emotions–excitement, fear, exhilaration, happiness, and maybe even a little sadness. It’s a very bittersweet time, and that makes focusing on schoolwork more of a chore than a thrill. Senioritis grips even the most diligent of students. Here are five ways you can avoid this dreaded “illness” and make your senior year count.

1. Know your enemy. Senioritis is a dramatically decreased sense of motivation towards homework, classes, and school in general. It makes sense, considering the number of years you’ve been in school and the amount of busy work you’ve completed. You’re over the mundane high school classroom scene. You’re ready for real life! You’re ready for fun. Essentially, your enemy is your impending acceptance to a more interesting establishment (college). You’re bored.

2. Find your enemy’s weakness. Senioritis cannot survive when you become more powerful than it is. Your creativity and imagination have the ability to conquer the hallways of boredom that are destroying your motivation. Get innovative. Gather study groups on a friend’s porch instead of preparing for the SAT alone. If you always take the essay route, choose the video production option for a final group project.

3. Make a plan of attack. Senioritis is sneaky and creeps up on you slowly. Fight back! Try the tips featured in Beat Senioritis! Beat Senioritis! Among other proactive things you can do, there is a bucket list option. How can anyone be bored and unmotivated when there’s a bucket list to be completed?! Making these sorts of plans will motivate you in other ways, too.

4. Get REAL. Nothing wakes you up in the morning like a cold shower. Nothing breaks your bout of Senioritis like a reality check. Take a look at tuition costs at your college and find a fun scholarship application to complete. Knowing you’ve got a more exciting and fulfilling future awaiting you at school will spark a fire under you to get moving! Don’t let these tuition reminders get you down. Yes, college is expensive, but there are tools to help you achieve your goals.

5. Make a peace offering to your enemy. Senioritis probably will not disappear completely. It is hard to stay focused when there are fun senior events and everyone seems to be finding a way to make this final year of high school memorable. Give in to that sentimentality – you’re only a senior once. Make time for the fun, relax after your final applications are sent, and embrace your stage in life. Then perk up! Because college is right around the corner, and pretty soon you’ll be a freshman again!

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