5 Unique Graduation Gifts

If you’re a high school senior, get ready for a whirlwind spring. This season will be full of college acceptance and rejection letters, waves of nostalgia, and loads of graduation events. A lot of seniors hold big graduation parties with food, family and friends. Not to mention: GIFTS!

Being original is hard when everyone is buying useful and fun presents for a college-bound 18-year-old. Here are some ideas that will help you find a great graduation gift for your friends!

For A Lady: Perfume

I have a friend who chooses a new perfume when she begins a new stage in her life. She wore only one perfume all through high school, a second perfume all through college, and now a third as she enters medical school. For her, choosing a new scent is like rewarding herself on a job well done and getting excited for the next stage of her life. The coolest part? Any time she smells a past perfume she instantly remembers that time in her life when she wore it every day.

For A Gent: Magazine Subscription

He’s going to be doing enough reading for class, so he might enjoy a cool magazine subscription. Depending on his interests, he might like Sports Illustrated, Discover or Esquire to name a few. Also, who doesn’t like to get mail actually addressed to them? Living in the dorms away from home as a freshman isn’t always the greatest, so getting a fun piece of mail every once in a while will be a treat.

For Everyone!

Dorm living doesn’t require much maintenance, but it can’t hurt to have a Miniature Tool Kit available. Something small and portable with the basics – hammer, pliers, screw drivers – is a great present for college freshman beginning a life on their own.

Nearly every college student has a laptop these days, and it’s often hard to tell which computer belongs to which person. Personalize your friend’s laptop with a decal! Made for both Macs and PCs, decals make a laptop stand out. They’re also just fun and look cool!

News Flash: college freshman have to do laundry. Quarters will become your best friend freshman year because you’ll need them for laundry machines located in your dorm. Giving the gift of a roll of quarters (along with a card describing your intentions) is a very practical present. Your buddy will thank you when they get to school and realize a month in that they have no more clean undershirts.

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