5 Things Every College-Bound Junior Needs to Do Before Spring Break Ends

As a junior, you’re finally the upperclassman you always knew you were.   Now that you run these high school hallways, what’s next? Somewhere in between high school graduation and world domination  you’ll probably be heading to college.  As a second-semester junior, this is your chance to get a head start on your college search.  What’s a better time to get a running start on your college search than Spring Break?  Take this time away from school to not only watch all 5 seasons of Lost in one week, but actually, prepare for your future!

Here are 5 things every college-bound junior needs to do before Spring Break ends:

1. Have a Heart to Heart with your High School Counselor. A lot of applying for college is not just about getting the grades, but also making sure you complete all the logistical paperwork–which can be super tedious.  Who can help you with this stuff?  Your guidance counselor.  They deal with this stuff all the time.  It’s their job.  They’ll explain to you the credits you need to graduate high school on time, ACT or SAT tests you’ll need to take, and a bunch of other stuff you probably were not even aware about.  Visiting your counselor during your junior year to find out what you’ll need to graduate high school and enroll in college will get you on the right track.

2. Get the Gossip from Seniors. We don’t mean gossip about who’s dating who, but who’s applying to where?  College-bound seniors are your closest resource in your school to find out what the college application process is like. Ask them for advice.  Most of the time, they’ll be more than willing to share their experience with you.

3.  Start Scouting Out Potential Teacher Recommendations. Junior year is a great time to ask a teacher you have a good relationship with if they’d be willing to write you a college recommendation.  At this point, you might not even be sure which colleges you’ll be applying to and whether or not they require recommendations.  Play it on the safe side.  Give your teachers advanced notice and a ton of time to really write something good for you.  Running around last minute asking a teacher to scribble a recommendation for you will probably not help your admissions.

4. Take a College Road Trip!

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