5 Classes You Need to Take Before Going to College

If you plan to attend college after graduating high school, taking the right classes while you are still in high school can be quite beneficial. If you want to go to college with the most advantages possible, choosing the right classes based on the career you hope to get is highly recommended, both to potentially gain college credit and to be more well-rounded and knowledgeable in various areas of life.


Whether you plan to work in business or you simply want to become more knowledgeable with finances, taking an economics class in high school is a great idea. Understanding how to balance a budget and invest and get involved with the stock market is all covered in a basic high school economics class. Learning about supply and demand and how it affects business decisions will help you grasp new concepts if you plan to pursue a future in business yourself. You will also learn more about the current market and how the global economy affects specific markets you are interested in working in.


Public Speaking and Debate

Enroll in debate and public speaking classes to learn how to feel more comfortable talking in front of your peers and larger crowds. With required live debates and speeches, you are able to overcome any anxiety or nervousness you may experience and have to go through once you are in college.

Foreign Language

Taking a foreign language class is also highly recommended before you head to college, as it may offer additional credit while making you more well-versed in an ever-growing diverse world. Understanding a foreign language can help you to get ahead in classes in college while also allowing you more opportunities for careers once you graduate.

Marketing and Business

Take marketing and business classes to learn more about how to start a business and how to appeal to specific demographics, regardless of the industry you plan on working in.

AP Classes

If you qualify for advanced placement, or AP, classes take them in high school to potentially earn college credit. Advanced placement classes are often more difficult and challenging, but better prepare you college and the type of course load you will be experiencing once you are attending college yourself.

Taking the right classes in high school to prepare yourself for college can ultimately save you time once you are paying for college while also allowing you to feel more prepared. Having an idea of the type of industry you want to work in will also help to guide you through the process of choosing the best high school classes that are right for you.

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