4 Summer Mindsets for the High School Graduating Class of 2012

Transitions can bring mixed feelings. Your first day of high school, you probably were excited for possibilities, but fearful of the unknown, and curious as to whether or not Freshmen Friday is a real thing. Graduating high school is another major transition that can leave you feeling all sorts of emotions. You may see some of your friends racing out the door on the last day of school, never looking back, while others cry as they hug their  friends and teachers goodbye. Graduating high school is a major step in your life, and there’s a lot to think about! Check out these summer mindsets to help you transition into the next stage of your life!

I Did It!

Congratulations! You’re done! You did it! You’ve completed countless tests and quizzes. You’ve read thousands of pages, and listened to years of lectures. You pushed through that hard math class. You were seen in a bathing suit in gym. You sat next to the kid with hygiene problems in every grade because alphabetically, his name comes right after yours. You began this thirteen year quest at four or five years old, and now you’re done. Celebrate that! Feel good about that! Not everyone graduates high school.

It’s Over.

High school is weird in that you’re with the same people for years, not by choice. It can be difficult to make changes to who you are, and change the way people see you, when everyone already knows you and has an opinion on you. Now that you’ve graduated high school, you can leave whatever you want behind. You don’t have to see the people who made fun of you, or that annoying lunch table, ever again. You can drop any label you’ve had. You can abandon the embarrassing moments and the mistakes. You are about to enter a new stage if your life.

Who am I?

After graduation, you might be starting college, or you might be starting work. Regardless of what you do in this next stage of your life, nobody will know who you are. Your future classmates and professors won’t see you as funny, smart, friendly, outgoing, laid back, passionate, or philosophical. They won’t see you as the popular kid, the geek, the hockey player, the singer, the valedictorian, the cheerleader, or the gamer. You are a blank slate to every person you meet, and it’s up to you to paint them a picture.

Who do I want to be?

Many people believe that it’s during a transition that you’ll have the most success making a change. If you want to be a non-smoker, start college as a non-smoker.  If you want to be a vegan but your high school friends thought the idea ridiculous, now’s your chance to try it. If you didn’t feel like you could be yourself in high school, here’s your opportunity to start this new stage of your life in your own skin. This transition out of high school will give you a new lifestyle, a new schedule, new patterns, new friends, and new ideas. It’s easier to add new changes to new patterns, than new changes within the old ways.


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