4 Reasons You Should Get an Internship While You’re Still in High School

You’ve probably heard from countless teachers, counselors and parents that the best way to build your resume for college is to do well in school, participate in clubs, rack up those volunteer hours and work a part-time job. All of those things are great and will look pretty flashy on your college application, but have you ever considered an internship? Sure you’re only in high school, but here are four reasons you might want to apply for an internship before you graduate:

The Obvious Resume Builder: Having an internship while you’re still in high school will demonstrate to college admissions your hunger to learn—especially considering that most internships are unpaid. It can help prove that you’re motivated, that you go above and beyond, and that you’d be an asset to fall’s incoming freshman class.

Insight on Your Future Major: Yesterday you wanted to be a high-powered lawyer. Today you’re thinking more along the lines of becoming a super chill art teacher. Tomorrow, who knows what will pique your interest? Applying for—and hopefully getting—an internship in a field you think you’re interested in is a proven way to figure out what you truly like. If you love your internship and choose to major in that area, you already have a little insight and experience that most college freshmen won’t have. If you decide you don’t like the field in which you completed your internship, you saved your future self a lot of extra time and tuition.

You Probably Have the Time: As a high school student, you are in a unique position. You have three months of summer vacation, and you probably don’t have to work forty hours a week to pay your bills. Before you’re bombarded with harder classes, more papers, and eventually a full-time job with major bills to pay, explore some of your interests through internships while you’re still comfortably living with your parents.

A View of the Real World: Going through high school can be like living in a bubble. It’s important to gain an accurate perspective of what the “real world” is like. Between Bring Your Child to Work Day and your first real job, there’s not a lot of time between to get a glimpse of what having a real job is like. A strong perspective on what you’re going to college for will help you to see the big picture as you go through your coursework.

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  1. Keyana G. says:

    I wish I knew this when I was in high school because I was down the street from a community college and definitely didn’t have to worry about transportation. Now that I have moved the bus service doesn’t run this far and now I will have to balance my classes and an internship. This is an article that high school students will benefit from.

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