4 Activities High School Senior Girls Can Do with Their Moms this Summer

College is fast approaching! While you’re loving the idea of being out on your own and having a flexible schedule, your mother is practically in tears that you’ll be moving away. She’s probably pointed out that she’s seen you nearly everyday for the last eighteen years! She carried you in her womb for nine months! She held you when you were moments old, took care of you when you were sick, and came to your bed when there were monsters!

Being a mom is part of who she is! It’s normal for her to be a little sad within all the happiness of you being an adult and about to take the next step in your education. While your summer may be busier than a doctor’s office in flu season, setting aside a few afternoons just to hang out with mom will mean the world to her! Check out these summer activities for some mother-daughter time.

Make a Lunch Date

When was the last time you and your mom had coffee or lunch together, just the two of you? Take two hours to sit down over some french fries or a latte and discuss whatever is on your minds! Having one-on-one time with Mom before leaving for school will increase your chances of maintaining your friendship during college.

Head to the Mall

You’re not too old for back-to-school clothes, and mom’s the perfect person to bring along! While your friends may think you look cute in everything, mom will be the one to speak her mind on a dress that looks completely ridiculous. In the midst of your wardrobe exploration, come up with a game! Choose one silly article of clothing for each other  to try on and take pictures! Have a contest to see who can find the ugliest pair of shoes in their aisle. A little harmless mischief with mom can be some of your fondest memories with her!


Spend an afternoon with your mom at a salon getting your nails or hair done, or do it at home yourself. Perhaps your mom has three other kids and a full-time job, and doesn’t get out often to do these kinds of activities. Maybe your mom really likes how you do your makeup and would like a few pointers. By bonding over “girl stuff,” you and mom are relating on a “friend” level, which will be very important to your mother-daughter relationship in your adult life.

Schedule a Movie Night

Reserve a night where you and mom can each pick one of your favorite movies to watch. Grab the take-out menu, or make your own snacks, and cozy up on the couch in some comfortable clothes. While watching your mom’s favorite movie, think about why it’s her favorite. Sometimes just by knowing someone’s favorite songs, movies, or books, we can tell a lot about a person. What does this movie tell you about your mom?


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