Common College Search Mistakes Parents Make

Parents, you play a key role in your child’s college search, but keep in mind that this is your child’s college search. It is very important that you take a cheerleader role in this process and let your kid take the driver’s seat. Even if your kids beg you to take the lead for them you have to back off. Sometimes your actions can cause more harm than good.

When Preparing for College, Don’t:

  • Paint the student’s room in the colors of your alma mater
  • Dash your student’s dreams
  • Put off planning financially

When Planning for College, Don’t:

  • Fill the house with constant college talk
  • Create unnecessary pressure
  • Forget to identify your student’s parameters around the college search
  • Compare your child with other students
  • Plan the college visits without input from your student
  • Take over the college research

When Applying to College, Don’t:

  • Use doublespeak like “You can apply anywhere, but you’re going to this college”
  • Stop being a team player
  • Lead the interview
  • Ignore procrastination
  • Write your student’s essay or personal statement
  • Call colleges for your student
  • Complete and submit the applications for your student

When Deciding on College, Don’t:

  • Obsess over your ideal of a “good” college
  • Use ranking lists as way to select colleges
  • Obsess over your alma mater

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