Which schools graduate students with the least debt?

Many students are concerned about the amount of debt they will face after they graduate. Tuition fees, financial aid and scholarships are important factors to think about when performing a college search, but which schools graduate students with the least amount of debt?

According to an article published in the Huffington Post, Alice Lloyd College in Kentucky leads the way in graduating students with minimal student loan payments, with an average of a little more than $3,100 of debt per student. Princeton University in New Jersey placed second, where students graduate with an average debt of $4,385 per year. Anna Maria College, a Catholic liberal arts college in Massachusetts, came in third with an average graduate debt of $5,152.

Other schools that ranked highly in the list include College of the Ozarks in Missouri, Berea College in Kentucky, Reinhardt University in Georgia and Clearwater Christian College in Florida.

The fact that many schools included in the list are religious colleges echoes similar reports from late last year. According to CNN Money, many faith-based schools offer lower tuition rates, and some offer generous merit-based financial aid packages such as scholarships.

If you're doing a college search, you may want to consider looking at faith-based institutions. Make sure to contact these schools and ask if you qualify for scholarships and other financial aid packages. 

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