Which 11 Colleges Have the Best Campus Food?

It’s like Christmas time for college rankings. I’ve been checking for reindeer footprints because it’s like Santa swung by my desk last night and dropped off all these great lists that I can share with you guys!

There are rankings on the most beautiful colleges, the least expensive, the best return on investment–the list of the lists goes on and on and on. But, the most important one I could possibly share with you at this moment in time (maybe it’s because I’m hungry), is the best colleges for food.

This specific list hails from the Daily Beast and was crafted by taking into account both on-and off-campus food experiences. Which means both the quality of food served in the dining hall as well as the food, including the percent that is local/organic food, as well as the number of restaurants per capita in the surrounding area were put into the calcuation.

With that, here are the 11 colleges and universities with the all-round best food:

1. St. Olaf College

2. Pitzer College

3. Bowdoin College

4. Claremont McKenna College

5. Roger Williams University

6. Wheaton College (IL)

7. Boston College

8. Virginia Tech

9. Seattle Pacific University

10. Smith College

11. Cornell University 

Is good food key to a great college experience or just a plus? What’s your opinion? Leave a comment below.

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