40 Colleges with Highest SAT Scores

The SAT is a ginormous exam that colleges utilize to assess your academic readiness for college. Generally speaking, most four-year universities require you submit your scores from either the SAT or ACT. The SAT, specifically, tests your knowledge of reading, writing and math — subjects that you’ve hopefully caught a bit of while spending most of your teenage life in the classroom.

The SAT is just one factor among many that colleges use while reviewing and sifting through applications. So your score is considered with other factors like teacher recommendations and your leadership and volunteering history. While most colleges accept and require either the SAT or ACT, each college and university uses a different combination of criteria for admission. To understand what your college choices look at, just contact them.

Here are the top 40 colleges with the highest SAT scores. The scores given are actually the top 25th percentile, meaning that of the of the 100 students admitted to The School of Hard Knocks, 25% scored above the stated number.

California Institute of Technology
Top 25th percentile: 2180

Harvard University
Top 25th percentile: 2100

Princeton University
Top 25th percentile:  2100

Yale University
Top 25th percentile:  2100

University of Chicago
Top 25th percentile: 2090

Harvey Mudd College
Top 25th percentile: 2080

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Top 25th percentile: 2080

Pomona College
Top 25th percentile: 2070

Columbia University in the City of New York
Top 25th percentile: 2050

Stanford University
Top 25th percentile: 2040

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
Top 25th percentile: 2030

Northwestern University
Top 25th percentile: 2030

University of Pennsylvania
Top 25th percentile:  2030

Tufts University
Top 25th percentile: 2030

Vanderbilt University
Top 25th percentile:  2020

Amherst College
Top 25th percentile: 2020

Dartmouth College
Top 25th percentile: 2020

Swarthmore College
Top 25th percentile:   2020

Rice University
Top 25th percentile:  2000

Duke University
Top 25th percentile: 2000

Brown University
Top 25th percentile: 2000

Reed College
Top 25th percentile: 1970

Bowdoin College
Top 25th percentile: 1970

Haverford College
Top 25th percentile: 1960

Vassar College
Top 25th percentile: 1960

Carleton College
Top 25th percentile:  1950

Washington and Lee University
Top 25th percentile: 1950

Hamilton College
Top 25th percentile: 1950

Emory University
Top 25th percentile: 1950

Middlebury College
Top 25th percentile: 1940

Johns Hopkins University
Top 25th percentile:  1930

Carnegie Mellon University
Top 25th percentile: 1930

Wesleyan University
Top 25th percentile: 1930

Oberlin College
Top 25th percentile: 1930

Wellesley College
Top 25th percentile: 1920

University of Southern California
Top 25th percentile:  1920

Scripps College
Top 25th percentile:  1910

Jewish Theological Seminary of America
Top 25th percentile: 1900

Barnard College
Top 25th percentile: 1900

Macalester College
Top 25th percentile: 1890

This information is from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) database.
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