Top 10 Universities for Food & Dining – Ranked by Students

#10 Iowa State University – Ames, IA

The dining centers at Iowa State are great. There are several dining halls spread around the entire campus, but they are each very unique and offer their own atmosphere and availability of food. It is an all you can eat type of dining center and there are many diverse foods available. If a student has a meal plan and a guest visiting Iowa State, they have a right to use a guest meal on them. Each student with a meal plan has 5 guest meals each semester and I thought this was very unique and innovative with dining centers.

Iowa State’s dining is one of the better I have seen among the colleges. Much of the produce is sourced from farms in Iowa and there are tons of choices. – Mackenzie from Centerville, MN

There are two main dining halls on campus & both are great at providing a variety of food options. From Salads, pasta, pizza, Chinese, burgers, deli sandwiches, & cereal, there are lots to choose from! On the west side of campus there is also a sports atmosphere type of restaurant where you can watch sports & use dining dollars or meal bundles to get food. This place is usually open late for those who miss the dining center. All of the food seems to be prepared well & not like something that just came out of the freezer. If you are looking for a job the dining centers have many positions open for hire! – Nathan from Kansas City, MO

#9 University of Missouri – Columbia, MO

AMAZING!!! There is nothing to complain about in terms of dining options here as there are several on campus dining halls or alternative locations to go to. Most places allow for custom orders which allows you to eat as healthy or unhealthy as you choose (although I’m sure everybody will give into their desserts). My only drawback is that the dining hall hours can sometimes conflict with your schedule but a couple Easy Macs here and there will solve that issue. – KB from Chicago

The dining halls can be addictive so be careful! You will get the freshmen 15 if you aren’t. There are about 6 dining halls to choose from in addition to random restaurants all over campus. The food is great. Most places will make all your food the way you like individually and give you lots of options. Late night Rollins is open until 1:00am every day and Subway on campus is 24hrs. You have a meal plan that you will select at the start of the semester. There are 4 to choose from. I chose the 3rd option and had more than enough food for the school year. – A.P.J.

The running joke on campus is that it is not the Freshman 15 but instead the Mizzou 22. Our food on campus is fantastic and there are always lots of options at all 4 of our dining halls. We also have an eastern Asian restaurant and a Mexican restaurant. There are little convenience stores where you can use your mean points to buy chips, yogurt, pizza and other to-go items. We even have a Late Night Americano order restaurant open for late night munchies. – Erica from Kansas City, MO

#8 University of Colorado – Boulder, CO

The Sewell and Libby dorms have really good food! Their chefs are known to be the best on campus and always coming up with yummy food that always appeal to hungry students. The Farrand grab-and-go has awesome burgers and a well-stocked market for last minute grocery necessities. The Center for Community (C4C) has every type of food you could ever imagine (Italian, Mexican, American, Asia, India, Japanese, etc.) that any student has access to with a meal plan. However, if you do not have a meal plan, there is food surrounding you anywhere you go in Boulder, whether its on The Hill, Pearl Street mall, Twenty-Ninth Street mall, or even the Flat Iron Mall to grab some Chick-Fil-A! Where ever you go, you will always be satisfied with the food. – Jessica from San Diego, CA

CU recently completed the construction of the Center for Community (C4C) which contains the largest dining hall on campus. The dining hall here contains several all-you-can-eat stations ranging from Persian cuisine, to Asian dishes, to a Burrito and Sushi Bar, to a full sandwich bar with accompanying Panini machines. Most of the food is local, and is prepared entirely on-site. Aside from the dining hall, the C4C also has its own bakery where fresh pastries and bread are made every day and two Grab-n-Go cafes that serve fresh-made sandwiches and personal pizzas. Moreover, CU accommodates all types of allergies–even gluten (and at no extra cost, too). – Pablo from Longmont, CO

#7 Florida International University – Miami, FL

Florida International University has an incredible amount of restaurants around campus and every year, our selection gets wider. It amazes me how in each building there are at least two or three dining areas with restaurants or juice bars for the students. The food is amazing. Not many people can complain. – Stephanie from Pembroke Pines, FL

FIU has more dining options than I have even been able to actually experience in my 2 years here; there are so many restaurants around campus that you will never get bored of eating at school. With the addition of the new, highly customizable meal plans, you can tailor it to fit your exact needs, which I found to be quite the money saver as I am constantly eating on campus between classes. – Nicholas from Melbourne, FL

FIU offers many places to eat on campus between the two campuses. On the north campus, there are many places to dine at like Moe’s Southwest Grill, Bistro Subs, Grille Works, etc. On the main campus, there are twenty plus places to dine at like Chick-fil-a, Burger King, Pollo Tropical, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Chili’s, etc. Also, there are places on campus where you can go to get a snack at 3 o’clock in the morning and they offer cookies that are super yummy and fresh out the oven at all times of the day. – Janai’

#6 Michigan State University – East Lansing, MI

Supposedly MSU has one of the best dining halls at a university. Which I could believe is true because I always see families eating at the Brody cafeteria WHICH happens to be the biggest dining hall in the nation. You’re able to eat what you want whenever you want! A lot of my friends who have moved off campus actually miss having the meal plan and being able to eat whenever they like, I suggest staying on campus for at least 2 years. – Rachel

There are tons of different cafeterias all over campus and all of them have different types of food stations. Some are better than others depending on what you’re in the mood for. Snyder Phillips is always great because culinary students work there and it’s been a favorite on campus for as long as I’ve been there. The Cafeteria in the Brody Neighborhood is brand new and amazing! There are classrooms and computer labs in it now and it has state of the art facilities and so many food options from sushi to burritos to comfort food to smoothies that you could never get tired of eating there. Besides on campus, there are tons of great restaurants off campus too! (Chains and great state originals!) – Miranda from Novi, MI

#5 University of Oklahoma – Norman, OK

Norman is the place to be when it comes to food and dining. Adjacent to the OU campus, we have an entire street allotted to different cuisines from around the world. Our student union building is also a great place to dine in. It is stacked with a variety of restaurants for the health conscious person and also restaurants for people on the other extreme. In addition to campus corner and the union, the dorms also contain many restaurants–especially for the late night snacker. – Toby from Oklahoma City, OK

There are so many options! Freshman 15? More like Freshman 50! There’s so much good food, you’ll never want to stop eating. Thankfully the school offers healthier alternatives–the salad bar is great! And the cafeteria style of some dining areas is a good way to make friends and maybe cram for a test. – Jelena from Oklahoma City, OK

The food is much better than on other campuses that I have visited. There is a cafeteria that is all-you-can-eat with options like chick-fil-a, Asian, Greek, Italian, and Mexican food and a desert bar. There’s a burger king, taco mayo, a breakfast place, and a sandwich place a short walk from the dorms and other options a bit farther away that include Starbucks. There are also plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans. The food is overall surprisingly healthy, diverse, and good quality. – Sarmad from Worcester, MA

#4 Purdue University, Main Campus – West Lafayette, IN

The dining courts are absolutely fantastic. There are foods from all cultures, sating any palette, a buffet style dining court, and the hours satisfy any schedule. The staff is always friendly, and the dining courts are always kept clean. Crowding can be an issue, but the wait is worth it. If you feel you are out of time, there are On the Go spots to allow you to grab a quick bite to eat before continuing with your day. Purdue’s dining courts are top notch. – Christopher from Pekin, IN

The food at Purdue is great! There are 5 dining courts that each have a specialty in something and two restaurants that have delicious food even late into the night. There are many vegan and vegetarian options as well that are wonderful (and I’m not a vegan or vegetarian.) The dining courts also have tons of variety and a smartphone app that shows you the menu for each dining court so you can choose where you’d like to eat. On the Go is a good option for eating in a hurry as well. – Marissa

#3 University of Georgia – Athens, GA

This school wins awards every year for the food. It’s incredible. As a junior, I’m going back on the meal plan. There’s such a variety and its high-quality food. Sometimes, we have crab legs and recipes from home that your mothers can submit! – Sara from Alpharetta, GA

The food plan at the University of Georgia is nothing short of fantastic. Having visited other schools and eaten in their dining halls, I’ve come to appreciate the variety and quality of our dining halls. With one dining hall open 24 hours Monday – Thursday, they definitely give you a place to go to study, eat, and be merry at all times of the day or night. – Brianna from Woodstock, GA

Meal Plan. Hands down the best decision you will make. My two favorite places to grab a bite are The Village Summit and Oglethorpe (O’House). Every dining hall has something different to offer. Snelling is open 24 Monday starting at 7 am and closing Friday after dinner. Besides all that, anything you would go OUT to eat to get can be had at one of our dining halls. From subs and wraps to pizza (and boy is it good at Snelling) stir fry, Mexican, vegan delights, and so much more. They have everything you could look for… seriously. They even feature exceptional entree nights, where they cook amazing dishes at selected dining halls. Five Star meal is a crowd favorite, and on Sundays during brunch we have a chocolate fountain. You seriously don’t want to miss what they’ll serve up to you! – Sara from Mc Caysville, GA

#2 University of California – Los Angeles, CA

The food at UCLA is great! There is plenty of variety and is flexible for your cultural needs such as Ramadan. There are plenty of meal plans to choose from, like if you do not feel like eating one day or just not in the mood to eat what they are serving, you can save your meal for another day. Speaking of not liking what they serve you, how could you not with plenty of options and restaurants both on and off campus. – Ivan from Fontana, CA

UCLA provides its students with a large variety of food. There are regular dining halls such as De Neve and Covel, but there are also unique ones such as Feast, which serves Asian cuisine, and Hedrick, which serves healthy food. Bruin Café serves coffee, pastries, ice cream, smoothies, sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Rendezvous serves Mexican and Asian food. There is a different menu in the dining halls every day, and in other places, they have daily specials you can order. – Gabrielle from Elk Grove, CA

The food in the dining halls is one of my favorite aspects of UCLA. The last thing I ate was mango-salsa topped grilled salmon… seriously? And there is a huge range of choices so no matter what you like, there’s something for you. Oh yeah, and on Valentine’s Day they served a ton of chocolate-covered strawberries. Yes. This is real life. – Erika from North Folk, CA

#1 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

5 stars all the way. Virginia Tech is well known for having the best food on college campuses. Every day you have the option of lobster, salad, sandwiches, smoothies, steak….you name it, they probably have it. Everyone has a meal plan here, not just the freshmen. Seriously, the food is so good that most people prefer it to going out. – Jamie from Blacksburg, VA

Virginia tech has a great reputation for their on campus dining. The dining halls don’t only have a great atmosphere but are also extremely clean. The food itself, well, I can’t really tell you how good it is because chances are you wouldn’t believe me. Just take my word, and if you ever tour the campus you have to eat at the dining halls! – David from Fishersville, VA

I eat almost every single meal on campus and love all of them. Fresh lobster, NY Strip steak, gourmet pasta, eggs Benedict, I can go on and on and on. It is unbelievable, and if you don’t believe me, come try it yourself. – Joseph from Wexford, PA

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