The 7 Preppiest Colleges

Every college has its own personality. Visit one school and you’ll get the sense that the student body is kind of book-wormy. Take a trip to another campus and maybe the students seem more laid-back. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide where you fit in. But one of the more pandemic rages on college campuses across America is preppiness

Thank goodness for all of the modern Zach Morrises of America, The Huffington Post just published its list of the 7 preppiest colleges.

1. Georgetown University
With Georgetown University just blooming with America’s future leaders on the Hill, you’re bound to find abundant polos, Brooks Brothers, and pastel Sperrys.

2. University of Virginia
UVA’s idyllic Charlottesville campus is the Mecca for preppies across the world. The rolling hills and sprawling lawn on central campus afford the perfect weather for students to wear polos with a light knit dangling over their shoulders. Thomas Jefferson would be so proud.

3. Boston College
This private Jesuit university located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts has 9,200 full-time undergraduates. Once an actual preparatory school, BC is totally living up to its preppy history.

4. Wheaton College
This small college between Massachusetts and Rhode Island only became a coed school in 1988. But considering Wheaton is one of the oldest institutions for women in the U.S., its “Wheaties” have had a long time to perfect their prep.

5. Cornell University
Perhaps Cornell’s most well-known preppy alumna is The Office’s Andy Bernard. Always dressed like he’s about to go on a sailboat, Andy Bernard is Cornell University’s Everyman.

6. Ohio State University
Not even close to the coast and OSU is taking the preppy world by storm. From wearing argyle while cheering for their football team to Brooks Brothers making a line of Ohio State clothing, OSU is pretttttty preppy.

7. University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Alabama is home to some true southern prep. Just like OSU, Brooks Brothers also has a line of clothes just for the University of Alabama.

What kind of college vibe are you looking for in your college search? Leave a comment in the section below.

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