The 10 Best College Dorms in the Country

GSU In most dorm rooms, there’s barely enough space to move between your bed and the door. The Huffington Post, though, has just posted the 10 best college dorms in the country.  These are not your average college dorms. These are super dorms, complete with kitchens, copious amounts of square feet and common spaces fit for a king, or studying.  Do you think these awesome college dorm rooms also come with an awesome college roommate who doesn’t steal your stuff?

Here are the 10 best college dorms in country:

1. La Salle University, St. Basil Court

2. Winona State University, Lucas

3. Villanova University, Farley Hall

4. Georgia State University, University Commons

5. Mississippi State University, Hurst Hall

6. Villanova University, Welsh Hall

7. James Madison University, Gifford Hall

8. The College of New Jersey, Eickhoff Hall

9. Kennesaw State University, University Village Suites

10. Saint Joseph’s University, Borgia Hall

Would you choose a college for a dorm?

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  1. Becky says:

    Not gonna lie, I’m slightly confused as to why WSU is on there. Lucas is not that amazing, I should know I lived there last year.

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