Most Expensive Private College and Universities

You know when you’re shopping in a clothing store, and you pick out a cute sweater from the rack because it just looks so comfy and you love the embroidered beagles on the sleeves? So you casually flip over the price tag to see how much it it will set you back and suddenly your eyes pop out from her head cartoon-style because there is absolutely no way you are going to drop $498 on a stupid comfy sweater with some dogs on it???!!!

Well, that’s kinda the same effect you’ll get when you’re looking at college price tags–the eyes popping out of the head cartoon-style. However! Be warned that these are price tags that don’t include grants, scholarships, work studies, you name it. Plus, you’re getting more than a comfy sweater; you’re paying for a college education, which, no matter how cute a sweater is, cannot get you your dream job. Unless your dream job is wearing that sweater. How you’d make a career out of sweater-wearing, it’s not quite clear.

So yeah, these colleges are all super expensive, but before you refuse to apply to your dream school because of its published tuition, see what types of financial aid you can get to help you out. That definitely goes for private colleges as well, who often have more flexibility with their funds.

Coleman University 
Annual tuition: $45,892

Sarah Lawrence College
Annual tuition: $42,600

Vassar College
Annual tuition: $42,560

Bucknell University
Annual tuition: $42,112

Wesleyan University
Annual tuition: $41,814

St. John’s College – Annapolis & Santa Fe
Annual tuition: $41,792

University of Richmond
Annual tuition: $41,610

Colgate University
Annual tuition: $41,585

Carnegie Mellon University
Annual tuition: $41,500

Oberlin College
Annual tuition: $41,234

How are you trying to cut college costs?


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