In Honor of Earth Day: the 15 Greenest Colleges

globeBeing that today is a day to inspire awareness and appreciation for Earth’s natural environment,  we figured we’d hit you up with what the Princeton Review says are the Greenest Colleges of 2011.

The Princeton Review and U.S. Green Building Counsel evaluated schools based on these criteria: green academic programs, environmentally friendly practices and commitment to sustainability.

Here are 15 of the greenest colleges and universities in the U.S.:

1. Berry College
2. Brandeis University
3. Florida State University
4. George Washington University
5. Iowa State University
6. McGill University
7. Ohio State University
8. Pomona College
9. University of Alabama
10. University of Baltimore
11. Union College
12. University of Missouri
13. University of New Mexico
14. San Diego State University
15. Virginia Commonwealth University

What does your school do to be green? Comment!

Original Post Date: April 22nd, 2011

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