Great Colleges for Less-Than-Great Grades

There’s a good percentage of us out there who are intelligent and capable people, but just zone out when it comes to standardized testing.

Who really cares about sine and cosine jargon or the grammatical errors in an article about the evolution of the dung beetle?

And then there are those semesters where you just can’t get the grade you want. Maybe something’s going on at home, you’re totally stressed during basketball season, you slept through first period 60% of the semester, whatever it is, sometimes there are circumstances that hold us back from getting the grades we’d hope to get.

But, even if you’re not the most enthusiastic test taker, or have gotten a couple of low grades here and there, there are still grade-A colleges that ranked highly in the 2012 US News Best Colleges that specifically take into account a student’s entire application and not just their grades.

Straight from US News, here are those schools:

1. Fordham University 

2. Pepperdine University 

3. University of Connecticut  

4. Purdue University – West Lafayette 

5. Southern Methodist University

6. Syracuse University

7. Michigan State University 

8. University of Iowa

9. Baylor University

10. Indiana University – Bloomington  

Are you thinking of applying to any of these schools?

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