Friday College Town Hall

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Today’s question is inspired by Lynn O’Shaughnessy’s blog, The College Solution:

Less than 50% of students who begin a PhD program leave with a degree.

How does a student know if they’re ready to make the commitment to graduate school? Should they enroll in grad school as a default move after graduation?

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  1. LadyG says:

    I guess it really depends on the students life situation at the time of graduation. If, like a friend of mine, you have a growing family and there are financial concerns, then it might be good to wait. I didn’t say that my friend made the right decision. He has ABD (all but Dissertation) to have his PhD. But at the time he had a growing family. I’m sure that money was an issue and so he didn’t finish. That was back in the 80’s.

    Now he has been working in another field for 20+ years and believes he can’t ever finish now. He is active in his church and teaches a seminary level Bible Study group and writes commentary for other Sunday School classes.

    I’m not sure if this is opinion or just telling a story of one person’s choice, but there it is!

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