Colleges That Have Extra Fun Campus Tours

Touring school after school after school can definitely get redundant and make your college search more painful than it needs to be. It can also get very expensive if most of your choices are out-of-state. Here are some sweet options that will definitely mix it up and might save you a few pennies!

Alfred University in New York offers a bike tour to prospective students. Not just any bike tour mind you. You’ll be riding a 7-person bike around the campus, pedaling as a tour guide helps to steer! This is certainly a one of a kind tour and your guide will take you on a special route around the campus. You need to sign up in advance, and these bizarre bike tours are offered on Mondays and Fridays only. Find out more – and watch a video of the bike! – on Alfred University’s website.

Eckerd College in Florida does campus tours via boat! A member of Eckerd’s Waterfront Program, one of the largest collegiate water sports programs in the country, leads a 45 minute tour around Boca Ciega Bay. Prospective students are encouraged to sign up beforehand, as capacity is limited. Boating tours are offered on sporadic Fridays throughout the school year. Eckerd also offers a unique community event called Evenings at Eckerd where you can view theatrical performances or lectures by current staff and students. Check out their website for more cool details on campus activities!

Stanford University in California provides student led golf cart tours of the central campus, including some additional views that are not offered on the walking tour. You need to sign up in advance and it costs $5, but is totally worth it to get a more relaxed perspective of the area. Make your reservation for any day of the week online!

Virtual campus tours are becoming increasingly helpful to students who are unable to visit their top choice schools in person. Apps have been developed for the iPad and iPhone that offer photos, virtual tours and maps of campus buildings. Check out the apps developed for the College of Charleston, the College of New Jersey, and Washington State University to name a few.

Now, if you’re like me, you don’t have an iPhone yet. Don’t fret! A lot of schools put interactive tours and informative videos on their websites under the Admissions page. Cappex also offers video tours – and super helpful statistics and deadlines – for many schools around the country. Just search a school name in the search bar on the right side of the homepage. These are excellent and easy ways of visiting a campus without the hassle of travel.


  1. Natassia says:

    High Point University in High Point, NC offers student-led golf cart tours 5-6 days a week and it doesn’t cost extra. After you take a tour they give every potential student a free HPU t-shirt and the parents coffee thermals, also at no cost.

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