24 Best Law Schools for 2012

For most high school students, the only thing on the horizon is college, college and more college. Oh, did I mention college?

But once you get there, you’ll notice a lot of people have their eyes on another prize: graduate school. And more specifically, law school.

Law school tends to attract a lot of people. Why? Well because going to law school doesn’t mean you necessarily have to become a lawyer. Going to law school can help give you the credentials for tons of other things! Think of all the U.S. president who’ve had law degrees! There are dual degree programs that combine law and business. Or sometimes a law degree is just a great background education to have for a totally, sometimes seemingly unrelated career. Think Ari Gold, the celebrity agent in Entourage, or a big time CEO.

So if you’re interested in law school, here are the top 24 law schools for 2012, according to US News & World Report:

1. Yale University
Tuition: $52,525 per year

2. Stanford University
Tuition:  $49,179 per year

3. Harvard University
Tuition:  $48,786 per year

4. Columbia University
Tuition: $52,902 per year

5. University of Chicago
Tuition:  $47,502 per year

6. New York University
Tuition: $48,950 per year

7. University of California – Berkeley
Tuition: In-state: $50,163 per year, Out-of-state: $54,370 per year

8. University of Pennsylvania
Tuition: $50,718 per year

9. University of Virginia
Tuition: In-state: $44,600 per year, Out-of-state: $49,600 per year

10. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Tuition:  In-state: $46,830 per year, Out-of-state: $49,740 per year

11. Duke University
Tuition: $49,617 per year

12. Northwestern University
Tuition: $51,920 per year

13. Georgetown University
Tuition: $46,865 per year

14. Cornell University
Tuition: $53,150 per year

15. University of California – Los Angeles
Tuition: In-state: $44,922 per year, Out-of-state: $54,767 per year

16. University of Texas – Austin
Tuition:  In-state: $30,243 per year, Out-of-state: $46,028 per year

17. Vanderbilt University
Tuition: $46,148 per year

18. University of Southern California (Gould)
Tuition: $50,591 per year

20. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Tuition: In-state: $34,817 per year, Out-of-state: $43,385 per year

21. George Washington University
Tuition: $45,750 per year

22. University of Washington
Tuition: In-state: $25,780 per year, Out-of-state: $39,850 per year

23. University of Notre Dame
Tuition: $43,335 per year

24. Washington University in St. Louis
Tuition:  $46,042 per year

Does law school interest you? Which law school would you want to go to?

Original Post Date: April 9th, 2012

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