10 Most Athletic Colleges

Are you a lover of sports but not necessarily tall or fast or muscular-y enough to play for a college? I can personally relate–I am a lover of being active, but was #7 on my high school’s JV badminton team–not exactly college-athlete material.

There are lots of colleges, however, that have a big athletic scene on campus outside of the NCAA teams through club or intramural sports. And, a lot of colleges and universities have these types of teams for sports they probably didn’t even offer in high school, like Ultimate Frisbee! Bam!

So if you’re not playing an official college sport, but your heart’s always in the game, here is a list of the top 10 most athletic colleges. The rankings, from Newsweek Daily Beast, were collected based on the school’s financial commitment to athletics officially affiliated with the school.

1. University of Tulsa

2. University of Notre Dame

3. Texas Christian University

4. Boston College

5. Colgate University

6. Southern Methodist University

7. University of Richmond

8. Villanova University 

9. Providence College

10. Xavier University

Will you play some kind of sport in college? Leave a comment!


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  1. Wiyao Boukpessi says:

    is there any New Jersey colleges that have athletic teams?

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