10 Colleges with the Most Student Activists

Do you stand for something? Or have you ever sat-in for something?

Do you vote in every election? Are you probably going to make a run to be the youngest mayor ever in the tri-county region?

Have you ever taken residence in a tree for three and a half days so that “the man” wouldn’t cut it down?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions in our makeshift “Are you a student activist” test, then you would probably enjoy going to any of the colleges mentioned in the list below.

This 10 colleges with the most student activists list comes from the Daily Beast, and was developed based on “strictness” of the college (the more strict, the less activism), overall political knowledge and culture of the student bodies, as well as number of registered organizations on campus as a percentage of the undergraduate population.

The 10 top schools for student activists are:

1. Swarthmore College

2. University of Chicago

3. Brown University

4. Claremont McKenna College 

5. Pitzer College

6. Wesleyan University

7. Princeton University

8. Pomona College

9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

10. Mount Holyoke College 

Are you an activist for any cause? Would you want to go to a school with a lot of student activists?

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  1. Allyb says:

    You guys missed out on one of the most advocacy-centered colleges I know of- Clark University in Worcester, MA. With over 200 campus organizations, most of which are advocating for a cause, we have an incredibly large proportion of our campus engaged in advocacy efforts. Our motto is even “Challenge convention, change our world”. Almost every student here comes to make a difference and being an activist is a huge part of it!

  2. Andres says:

    Saint Mary’s College of California, San Francisco State University and UC Berkeley should be way up on that list.

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