College Majors for In-Demand Careers

Not every academic major comes with an obvious career path. So if easily finding a job out of college is one of your top concerns, you may want to consider a college major related to one of the following five fields, which the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts will include some of the fastest-growing and most in-demand occupations in the years to come.

Healthcare With the first Baby Boomers turning 60 and Americans living longer than ever before, there’s a booming demand for healthcare professionals in the United States. In fact, fields related to healthcare and social assistance will add 4 million new jobs to the economy by 2016, and are expected to account for 7 of the 20 fastest growing occupations. That makes any academic major related to these areas be it nursing, medical research, pharmacy, physical or speech therapy, or hospital administration a good bet when it comes to future job potential.

Education Enrollment is high and will continue to grow at all levels of education, making teachers and educational professionals more in demand than ever in the years ahead. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says public and private educational services will grow by 10.7 percent and add 1.4 million new jobs through 2016. So whether your goal is to study early childhood development or be a college professor, pursuing an education degree will likely be a solid career choice.

Human Resources Employment services is second on the list of industries that will create the most new jobs in the U.S. by 2016. Experts say growth in this field is due to an increased demand for seasonal and temporary workers, as well as a growing need among businesses for specialized human resources services.

Technology Not surprisingly, technology-related fields are hot as businesses rely more than ever on information technology. Likewise, system and network security continue to be huge areas of concern for businesses. As a result, majors related to computer systems design are a great choice. These fields are predicted to grow by more than 38 percent by 2016. On a related note, management, scientific, and technical consultants will be in high demand as new technology and computer software add to the complexity of doing business. These fields are predicted to grow by more than 78 percent by 2016.

Information Americans are more wired than ever, and computer-related industries that feed our demand for information are seeing huge growth. Specifically, software publishing, Internet publishing and broadcasting, and wireless telecommunication are all expected to see industry growth well above 30 percent by 2016. If you want to tap into the potential of these industries, consider a major related to telecommunications, web design, or software engineering.

Of course, future job potential is just one factor you’ll want to consider when choosing a major. Most importantly, you’ll want to think about what your interests and strengths are, and what you’ll be happiest pursuing both as an area of academic study as well as an occupation. And when you find a subject you’re passionate about that also has a great career outlook, that’s when you know you’ve found the major for you.

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