Most Stressful Colleges

Getting your college applications done, hearing back from schools, and ultimately enrolling will lift a big weight off of your shoulders, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. The college experience itself, while a fun and happy time in most co-eds’ opinions, can also be stressful. You’re dealing with a far more intense course load and the always-troubling challenge called “time management”.

But some schools, according to Newsweek, have it worse than others. Based on cost, competitiveness, acceptance rates, engineering (this was a little unclear…perhaps because engineering programs are some of the most stressful?) and crime on campus, the list of the colleges with the most stressed-out students was assembled:

1. Columbia University
Total cost: $53,874
Tuition rank: 2nd
Acceptance rate rank: 7th
Competitiveness rank: 4th
Engineering rank: 14th
Crime rank: 7th

2. Stanford University
Total cost: $52,048
Tuition rank: 16th
Acceptance rate rank: 1st
Competitiveness rank: 5th
Engineering rank: 2nd
Crime rank: 8th

3. Harvard University
Total cost: $50,723
Tuition rank: 24th
Acceptance rate rank: 1st
Competitiveness rank: 1st
Engineering rank: 16th
Crime rank: 2nd

4. University of Pennsylvania
Total cost: $51,944
Tuition rank: 17th
Acceptance rate rank: 10th
Competitiveness rank: 6th
Engineering rank: 20th
Crime rank: 5th

5. Washington University in St. Louis
Total cost: $53,310
Tuition rank: 4th
Acceptance rate rank: 17th
Competitiveness rank: 14th
Engineering rank: 36th
Crime rank: 3rd

6. University of Chicago
Total cost: $54,194
Tuition rank: 1st
Acceptance rate rank: 14th
Competitiveness rank: 11th
Engineering rank: 50th
Crime rank: 13

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Total cost: $50,446
Tuition rank: 25th
Acceptance rate rank: 7th
Competitiveness rank: 8th
Engineering rank: 1st
Crime rank: 4th

8. Vanderbilt University
Total cost: $52,988
Tuition rank: 6th
Acceptance rate rank: 12th
Competitiveness rank: 18th
Engineering rank: 28th
Crime rank: 15th

9. Northwestern University
Total cost: $52,463
Tuition rank: 12th
Acceptance rate rank: 23rd
Competitiveness rank: 12th
Engineering rank: 18th
Crime rank: 16th

Are you in college? On a scale of 1 to 10, how stressful has it been (1 being not at all, 10 being CRAZZZZY stressful).