Most Politically Active Campuses

With the current political milieu, it makes total sense that college campuses are once again the grounds for political activism that they have been in the past. Students want their voices to be heard and they want their concerns to be treated seriously.

Stop by one of these 7 campuses and you’re bound to come across a rally, students canvassing the quad, or even viewing parties for their favorite political pundits.

So, here are 7 most politically active colleges based on the Princeton Review‘s recent rankings:

1. George Washington University
GW has serious roots in American history as it was chartered by an Act of Congress on February 9, 1821, as The Columbian College in the District of Columbia. With a central political location like D.C., it’s no wonder its students are politically active.

2. Georgetown University
Founded in 1789, Georgetown University is the oldest Catholic university in the United States. Although it’s a private, Jesuit university, Georgetown currently has 7,000 undergraduate students from a wide range of religious, ethnic and geographical background. Also a D.C. school, its diverse student body and location make it a perfect location for political activism.

3. New College of Florida
At the New College of Florida, grades are not part of the curriculum. Instead, at the end of each course, professors write up critiques of each student’s work with a satisfactory or unsatisfactory marking. The liberal nature of this college makes it a hotbed for students to raise their voices as activists.

4. College of the Atlantic
At this liberal alternative college, students must complete a term-long senior project and a human ecology essay in their final year, in addition to a mandatory internship sometime within their four years. Senior projects are highly diverse and have included computer programs, scientific papers, ethnographic research, theatrical productions, educational curricula, complete novels, art exhibits, books of letters, garden renovations, and music compilations.

5. American University
Another university located in the heart of all political activity, Washington D.C., the American University is an ideal school for students interested in being involved in politics.

6. United States Military Academy at West Point
Students at West Point are officers-in-training and are referred to as cadets. Considering their future in American politics, it’s no surprise the Princeton Review included them in this list.

7. University of Chicago
Not only is the U of C student body politically active,  but the campus is known as one of the most similar to Hogwarts.