Most Artistically-Inclined Colleges

Are you the type of person who sees a white wall and gets instantly inspired to paint a mural? Or, while you’re supposed to be paying attention to your teacher talking about the fall of the United States economy and our sad plummet from world power, do you happen to be snapping your fingers to the song you’re silently writing in your head? Or, when your mother asks, “Why in the world are you banging your head against the wall?” you respond with solemn remorse that it’s your desperate attempt to rid of your writer’s block so you can finish your Samuel Beckett-inspired one man puppet play once and for all!?

Then perhaps these schools are for you. The Daily Beast produced this list of colleges and universities that are the most creatively inclined.

The rankings were drawn based on how imaginative the schools’ student bodies are, the creative atmosphere the colleges foster, and the percentage of students majoring in visual or performing arts as well as the number of official campus clubs with artistic missions.

1. California Institute of the Arts

2. Emerson College

3. Berklee College of Music

4. New York University 

5. Mannes Colleges (The New School)

6. Muhlenberg College 

7. SUNY College at Oneonta 

8. University of Southern California

9. Colorado College 

10. Vassar College

11. Occidental College

12. Kenyon College

13. Wesleyan University

14. Whitman College

15. Cornell University 

16.  CUNY City College

17. Carnegie Mellon University

18. Northwestern University

19. University of Rochester 

20. Rhose Island School of Design

21. Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

22. Bard College

23. Oberlin College

24. Cleveland Institute of Music 

25. Albright College