Your Morning of the Exam Checklist

Depending on the way you study, you may be well-rested the morning before your exam, or you might be exhausted from cramming the night before. Nerves will abound either way the morning of an important test so we’ve created a checklist for you to help get rid of your finals week jitters and help you feel prepared for whatever the professor throws your way.

Have a good breakfast

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You may be tempted to sacrifice your Wheaties for a few more minutes of precious sleep, but we would advise against it. Studies show that short-term memory, visual perception, and spatial memory abilities increase when students ate breakfast as compared to no breakfast. Make yourself a quick bowl of oatmeal, and grab some fruit to give yourself a healthful boost! 

Go over your notes

While you’re eating breakfast, take the time to briefly refresh your memory. Glancing through your notes before the exam can help you remember little details you might have forgotten, despite the numerous amount of hours you studied.

Dress comfortably

Make sure you wear something you are comfortable with, but not so comfortable as to fall asleep during the exam. Some students follow the mantra, “Dress well, test well,” which you could try. But you don’t want to be adjusting your shirt or worried about wrinkles, so just dress in what makes you feel confident in your abilities.

Before you leave for class, make sure you have everything you need

Professor only lets you write in pen? Make sure you have one packed that writes well. Same goes for pencils. You want to be sharp right? Make sure your pencils are too. Double-checking your bag before you leave makes sure you don’t forget anything and saves you from awkwardly looking for a writing utensil minutes before the big test.

Arrive early

Give yourself your best chance to find a comfortable seat by arriving early to the testing site. Then you can easily get yourself situated and you won’t be that annoying person who arrives just as the test is being passed out.

Take a deep breath.

You’ve studied long and hard for this test, so take a breath and let go of all your anxieties. Have confidence in your abilities and do your best. After all, it’s just one test and it’s almost over.

How do you avoid finals week jitters? Share in the comments below, Twitter, or Facebook. Best of luck from your friends at Cappex!

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