Your 5 Worst Enemies During Finals

Studying for finals is an important part of an adolescent’s journey to adulthood. It’s a time when students must make wise decisions by weighing the pros and cons of various outcomes, for instance, raging all night or paging all night through the books. Decisions decisions decisions. Two hour nap or two more hours of studying? Mass texting fifteen people from high school you haven’t spoken to in three years or writing that fifteen-page paper?

The biggest question of them all is whether you will get your studying done in time by the deadline.

For that reason, we present to you your 5 worst enemies to avoid during finals:

1. The Nap
Why is it that just opening a text book makes you sleepy? Perhaps your body is already anticipating how much brain power it will have to use to memorize that comprehensive list of 20th century Russian leaders. Your body will try its darnedest to convince you that all it needs is one tiny little nap to recharge for the rest of your studying. DO NOT BELIEVE IT. Your body is lying to you because it does not want to study. Instead of giving into a nap. Give your self a block of time that you force yourself to study in. And as soon as that’s over, you can go nap.

2. The Cell Phone
Avoid bringing your cell phone along with you to the library. Or if you do, put in on silent and hide it in the the deepest crevice of your backpack only to be rediscovered after you’ve completed an adequate amount of work. Having your cell phone around you while you study is basically asking for non-stop interruptions and reasons to help your mother decide whether or not she should buy you a blue shirt for Christmas or a red one.  Also, talking on the phone is unbelievably annoying to other library patrons.

3. The Less-Motivated But Completely Charismatic Friend
Do not let your super fun awesome friend steal you away from your books. Sure, your friend is a great conversationalist, you always have fun with him/her, and somehow you just feel more alive when you’re with them! But hey, they may just possibly ruin your life if you let them take you away from your books. Also keep in mind, said friend probably has a sick trust fund and doesn’t need to hit the books because his/her father invented books. You need to study. So tell them you’ll meet up after finals.

4. The Way Smarter Than You Doesn’t Have to Study, Equally Charismatic Friend
This is the most deceiving of all friends: the friend whose brain is so much more developed than 99% of all other humans, but amazingly doesn’t act like a robot, leading you to believe that you are on the same level. This is utter deception. Just because your friend doesn’t need to study, doesn’t mean that you don’t either. In fact, chances are  you do.

5. The Telly
Ah yes, the television. It’s a law of nature that whenever you have something important to do, the best things are on television. Or is it more along the lines that when you have a lot to study, that show on jockeys seems ten times more interesting? It’s probably the latter, even though jockeys are interesting. How do they get that small? Do not let yourself settle in front of the TV (or Internet). It is a studybuzz killer. Do not let it ruin your studybuzz. Reward yourself by watching a TV show after you’re completely 100% done with studying for your finals.

What are your study habits like? Any tips? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Emma says:

    Same goes for social networking sites…Facebook and Twitter kill me!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Same here, Emma…Facebook is my arch-nemesis while trying to study!

  3. Chrislyn says:

    My biggest studying vices beyond those on this list are Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Tumblr. Those sites seriously get me distracted while studying any time of the semester, let alone during finals.

    My main study tip is to plan blocks of time to just have fun in between the study sessions. That way, I still have my moments of fun, but I still plan enough study time as well. Also, I like to color code my notes with highlighters and sticky tabs based on how I did on the subject in homework, tests, etc., and then to study the portions I know I did badly on, based on their color. Red is badly, orange is not so great, yellow is decent, and green is good.

    Good luck everyone on finals!!!

  4. Christi says:

    Email. I get stuck on this stupid loop where I check both my email accounts, then facebook, then tumblr, then email again… and I get nothing productive done, nor do I relax! Total waste of time…

  5. Garren says:

    Studying with more than two friends, Facebook, for me a big one is not climbing all weekend. Start on Saturday, don’t assume you can do it all Sunday, and the biggest one is dont drink energy drinks. I stick to OJ and can go for literally days when my friends who take energy drinks crash and burn around hour 36.

  6. Stacy says:

    My distraction is the Telly and friends. I have the thing where I need noise in the background to keep me motivated, but end up watching it instead. Of course I regret the day of my final. 🙁

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