Welcome Back, College Seniors!

Welcome back, college seniors!

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As a senior in college, you may find yourself having a hard time getting back into school mode for your last few semesters. Now that your future is again uncertain, you will need to balance schoolwork with the stress of looking for a post-graduation job or graduate school program. College is hard, and if you are feeling burnt out, it is important to find ways to hit the ground running so you can maintain your GPA and finish out your undergraduate education with a bang.

Remember Your Personal Goals

Nothing is more motivating than having a goal and realizing that you are heading down the right path to accomplish it. What were goals that seemed unattainable at the beginning of college are now staring you in the face, and you have one more year to get them done. To get your mind back in school mode and ensure you reach your goal, create a visible reminder for yourself. It may seem silly or unnecessary, but writing down your goals and putting them somewhere you can see them everyday when you wake up or when you get home from class will remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing and help you re-gain focus at the beginning of the year.

Go Back Early

College towns are fun places with lots to do and many people to see, and when you go back to school for your senior year, you will be extra excited to take everything in one last time. As thrilling as this experience can be, it will not help you when your first class of the semester rolls around and you have to quickly get back into school mode. To combat this problem, try to move back to school at least a week before classes start. This will give you time to go to all your favorite restaurants and bars and see everyone you need to see before it’s time to get serious again.

Keep a Calendar

Staying organized is crucial to getting back into school mode, and keeping a calendar is an excellent way to do so. Some students opt for small planners that they can take everywhere with them, and other students opt for large whiteboard calendars that hang above their desks. Whatever you prefer, a calendar will help you make sure that you keep your assignment and exam dates straight, along with job and graduate school application deadlines.


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